Now that Nicole is seemingly out of the band I feel it is okay to release this. Especially since Nicole believes she should be thanked by Billy and not ignored.

I wrote this to her a year ago after she had scapegoated me as the reason she defended Monte on her twitter. She ignored my private message to her which was really shitty considering my support of her.

If Corgan does ignore her and pretend she never existed, it is nothing but Karma. Nicole’s inflated might now deflate enough for her to realize it isn’t cool to treat someone like a nobody.


Dear Nicole,

I wanted to write to you to let you know my feelings on what happened. I think it is important to defend myself because I am noticing some inaccuracies said about me.

What I have been told is that my “passive aggressive” tweets about monte made you feel you were being called out as a hypocrite. I am sorry you felt that way, I thought it was pretty clear that I have been very supportive of you, as you said “always had your back”, I am not sure why you would feel I would believe you were hypocrite. I supported you because I believed that you are the best person for the band. I even continued to support you after I was attacked profusely on the oboard for it.

Nicole, I realize you regret your post however, you need to understand that the post was wrong not just because fans dislike monte, but because your worry about looking like a hypocrite made you do something hypocritical, you made a passive aggressive post yourself about how two wrongs don’t make a right. I am not sure why you didn’t privately msg me and ask me about my tweets, I know you have done that to others, I don’t know why I don’t deserve that same respect I have shown you, is it because I do not have a popular fan blog?

I want to be clear that although you followed me, I did not change my tweeting style to accommodate you and I didn’t start tweeting differently. .

I still believe in what I said in post on your FB, The Smashing Pumpkins is a brand and whom the band associates with has impact on that brand, perceived association is just as impactful as well. It doesn’t matter if no title or pay check was given, if monte is perceived as the fan rep because he is acting like it and no one from the band is calling him out then he is the fan rep. Monte is actively answering questions about band that are directed to Billy Corgan.
Monte is answering questions related to band business on the oboard and telling fans he will ask Billy for a response.
Monte was the head of the L13 and all members appointed were chosen by him and only he was allowed contact with Billy with in the group.
Crestfallen is the sole recipient of direct information (news, interviews, etc) from Billy Corgan.

I am not sure what other evidence is needed for SP to stop denying the relationship and start solving the issues but to be honest, I just don’t care anymore.